When you look for tips online, you get a list of things to do on the day of your wedding, but nothing to prepare you beforehand. If you truly want to be mindful at your wedding, you must start a practice in advance. Start Meditating Now Get a meditation app like Headspace or start a […]

mindful wedding planning

February 2, 2023

3 Tips to Bring Mindfulness to Your Wedding Day

line drawing of a person meditating in a flower field while planning their wedding

I love weddings. I’ve worked more than my fair share of them, and I am always excited to see how each couple’s unique personality comes through in the details of their special day. Even though I love seeing how others enjoy themselves during the wedding—and especially after—one major thing I notice about weddings is that […]

mindful wedding planning

January 17, 2023

Being Mindful of Budget Creep in Wedding Planning

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